[28 February 2023]

The Strasbourg Observatory has developed a new XCatDB feature, named Amora for “Asynchronous Multi-Observation Region-based Analysis”.

Amora allows users to access all the events/photons that were collected by the XMM-Newton mission in the region of interest and to process them interactively. 

Users can draw a polygon or a circle isolating that region ; they can also define another area that will be used as a background region. Once the region is validated, Amora lists observations that cover it along with  their properties, allowing the user to choose which observations to use for further analysis. On these selected data, the user has just to select the processing tasks (e.g. building spectra) that will run on the server. The processing output is displayed in real time on the screen, allowing an efficient monitoring of the task progress. Results are provided as both previews for a quick look and as science products that can be downloaded for further analysis.

More information: https://xcatdb.unistra.fr/xsasdbhttps://xcatdb.unistra.fr/xsasdb


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