EU H2020 project: April 1, 2021 to September 30, 2024

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Welcome to David Homan

David is a postdoctoral researcher at the AIP. His work focuses on multi-wavelength observations of highly variable Active Galactic Nuclei. Within the XMM2Athena project, David works as part of Work[…]

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STONKS: Quasi-real time XMM-Newton transient detection system

[29 May 2024] Over recent decades, astronomy has entered the era of massive data and real-time surveys. This is improving the study of transient objects – although they still contain[…]

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Black Hole Week 2024: Videos

[14/05/2024] Last week we celebrated the #BlackHoleWeek. Throughout the week we posted videos with astronomers answered children’s questions about #blackholes. This activity was carried out together with Athena Community Office[…]

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