EU H2020 SPACE project: 1st April 2021 - 31st March 2024

Sharing AHEAD 2022 – Public communication of astrophysics across Europe

SHARING AHEAD 2022 will see leading scientists and science communicators from the EU and around the world present the latest cutting-edge public outreach activities in astronomy and space science. Two days’ conference will cover topics and case studies as diverse as the AHEAD 2020 consortium partners are. The Meeting aims at promoting the public engagement,…
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Welcome to Akke Viitanen

Akke joined the IFCA in October under the supervision of Francisco Carrera. Akke is working in WP4 on the optimization of the wide and deep mosaics. In WP6 he will work on the fits of physically-motivated models to identified sources for D6.3

35th XMM-SSC / XMM2ATHENA consortium meeting

The 35th XMM-SSC / XMM2ATHENA consortium meeting was held in Athens last week. Our researchers presented the progress made in the project. This was the agenda: Time Title of contribution Name —————————————————————————- Chairperson : Axel Schwope 10:30 Welcome Natalie Webb 10:45 XMM-Newton mission status Maria Santos-Lleo 11:10 SAS status and development Aitor Ibarra 11:40 Pipeline…
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Participation in the science party at IRAP: lecture by Natalie Webb, “Searching for black holes”

On Saturday 15 October, IRAP, together with the Observatoire Midi-Pyrénées, organised its open house as part of the fête de la science. This event was aimed at the general public and the objective was to discover IRAP’s themes and projects, but also to encourage young people to become scientists. The day’s programme included workshops, visits…
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“Planets through different eyes”: A joint Athens-Santander night

AHEAD2020 in collaboration with the Institute for Astronomy, Astrophysics, Space Applications and Remote Sensing of the National Observatory of Athens (NOA) in Greece and the Institute of Physics of Cantabria (IFCA), a Joint Centre with the combined effort of two institutions, Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) and University of Cantabria (UC), in Spain organizes an…
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Memes contest: and the winner is……!

The result of the Memes contest to celebrate the European Researchers’ Night is out! We presented a joint international initiative of the Athena Community Office, the XMM2ATHENA project, the X-IFU and WFI consortia and the AHEAD2020 project. We announce here the winners of the contest, and at the end you can find a link to…
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European Researchers’ Night 2022: Memes contest

Following the successful initiatives of AstroScikus and The Black Hole Week, we are preparing a meme contest framed in the European Researcher’s Night. We propose an international initiative launching a call for memes related to X-ray astronomy: instruments, software, observatories, etc. For this event we are teaming up with @AthenaXobs @AthenaXIFU @XMM2Athena @ahead2020 and AthenaWFI. …
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New versions of the XMM-Newton Serendipitous Source Catalogues: 4XMM-DR12 and 4XMM-DR12s

A new version of the XMM-Newton EPIC Serendipitous Source Catalogue, 4XMM-DR12, has been released by the XMM-Newton Survey Science Centre (XMM-SSC) in collaboration with the SOC. This version includes an extra year of data with respect to 4XMM-DR11. 4XMM-DR12 includes 939270 X-ray detections which relate to 630347 unique X-ray sources from 12712 observations that were…
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SPIE Astronomical Telescopes + Instrumentation 2022

Our coordinator, Natalie Webb, will be giving a talk about XMM2ATHENA project (https://spie.org/astronomical-telescopes-instrumentation/presentation/XMM2ATHENA-the-H2020-project-to-improve-XMM-Newton-analysis-software/12181-90) next week at the SPIE Astronomical Telescopes + Instrumentation, the most valuable technical event for ground-based, airborne, and space-based telescopes, and their supporting instrumentation. With a strong program and an active community, this event allows researchers and engineers to share advancements, discoveries,…
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Mothers in Astronomy

The Mothers In Astronomy 2022 book is an initiative of Dr Paola Pinilla (MPIA and MSSL/UCL) and Dr Maria Claudia Ramirez-Tannus (MPIA). Its aim is to: Amplify the voices of mothers in astronomy. Raise awareness of the challenges they face. Highlight the positive impact of motherhood on their careers. Create collective empowerment by inspiring and…
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